Boredd. Creative ideas?

LMAO, this question has been asked like a hundred times already, but okay. I’m bored. And I want to do something creative. Yesterday I already make some kind of jewelry-hanger when I was bored, [I poked holes in a piece of thick paper and hung all my earrings on it], but now I don’t know what to do. What should I dooo? ;]

Answer #1
  • Braid your dog’s hair
  • Clean and polish your belly button
  • Water your dog…see if he grows
  • Wash a tree- Boil ice cream
  • Run around in squares
  • Think of quadruple entendres
  • Speak in acronyms
  • Have your pillow X-rayed
  • Drink straight shots…of water
  • Calmly have a nervous breakdown
  • Give your goldfish a perm
  • Fly a brick
  • Be blue
  • Be red
  • But don’t be orange
  • Plant a shoe
  • Sweat
  • Play tag…on West 35th Street
  • Exorcise a ghost
  • Whine
  • Rake your carpet
  • Re-elect Richard Nixon
  • Critique “Three’s Company”
  • Listen to a painting
  • Play with matches
  • Buff your cat
  • Race ferrets
  • Paint your house…Day-Glow Orange
  • Have a formal dinner at White Castle
  • Read Homer in the original Greek
  • Learn Greek
  • Change your mind
  • Change it back
  • Watch the sun…see if it moves
  • Build a pyramid
  • Stand on your head
  • Stand on someone else’s head
  • Spit shine your Nikes
  • See how long you can stay awake
  • See how long you can sleep
  • Paint your teeth
  • Wear a salad
  • Speak with a forked tongue
  • Paint stripes on a lake
  • Ski Kansas
Answer #2

make a a poster of photos of your friends all stuck together in different ways or make a poster of magazibe cutting all stuck together in different ways!!! xx

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