Booster Seat

As of what age can you take your child out of a booster seat?

Answer #1

Yeah, the proper height for children to use adult seat belts is 4’9”.

Answer #2

I guess that really depends on where you are.

Here in Canada, the law states that booster seats are required for children under the age of eight, weighing 40-80 lbs and who stand less than 4 feet 9 inches tall.

It may be a different law where you are.

Answer #3

Along with the height and weight requirements in the US they also have to be able to sit the whole way back in the seat with their feet flat on the floor. Most 6 year olds are still in booster seats.

Answer #4

In the US, it’s similar, there is a height & weight requirement…the height needs to be 55 inches and the weight sixty pounds or more…they need to meet both requirements in some states, in California, it’s only weight.

however I don’t think it’s safe, and wouldn’t remove the booster seat for my kids until they’re tall enough that the shoulder strap doesn’t connect with their throat, as that could cause damage if you get into an accident. Me, I’m an overprotective parent in some ways & proud of it!

Answer #5

Oh I just wanted to no cause my boyfriend brother is 6 and is still in one and I wanted to know thanks

Answer #6

I and England I don’t the exact height but it’s the average height for an 11 year old.

Answer #7

well here in Australia the kids have to be 6 years old to come out of the booster seat!

Answer #8

it mostly depends on weight or height.

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