Book characters

Hi everyone who is reading this… Um, what do you do if you are in love with a fictional book character and you know there’s no way you two can be together, (obviously) but you are still in love with him anyway, even though he’s only made up from a book??

Answer #1

I know! How exciting is that? I can NOT wait till the movie comes out. It’s going to ROCK!!!

Answer #2

VAMPIRES ARE PEOPLE TOO!! Lol. I think Jacob is so misunderstood. Most of the time I can’t decide if I like Edward or Jacob more but I don’t want to get between the Edward-Bella dream team. Lol. Only 3 more months until the movie!! Yay!!

Answer #3

screw it!! who cares if its not real?! imagination is more fun than real life anyway!!

p.s. – Jacobs my favorite.

Answer #4

You don’t know who Dr Who is?! hahaa its amazing.

I haven’t read the twilight series but it seems plenty of people are in love with edward cullen. My friend included.

I dont think it’s actual love. Maybe more infatuation? All you can do is tell yourself he isn’t real and that you should move on, and try to do so.

Answer #5

Yeah I have been doing that, but I can’t seem to get over it! He’s so perfect and sweet. The books are really good. You ought to read them!

Answer #6

haha, I know who you mean. Edward? lolz

Answer #7

ummm doctor who…books are as good as the series..but then I think that’s only because the books and series are completly serperate…ummm I digress…

but doctor who…god, I need to read some different books! it’s either him or harry potter and I have never once fancied hrry potter…he’s quite annoying actually (as a person, althoug I love the books) I digress again…I’m going lol!

Answer #8

Yeah, guys, I’m talking about Edward Cullen. chel got it right. Who on earth is dr who??

Answer #9

I agree with you 100%! Imagination is more fun than reality! True, true. You like Jacob? Cool. So does my other friend. As you all know though, I personally think Edward is much cuter and sweeter and more romantic. And overall a really nice person (well, vampire.)

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