What character is most influenced in book to a kill a mocking bird?

In english class we have to write a 1000 word paper on what character is most influenced by another character in the book to kill a mocking bird (by author haper lee). I started off saying that jem is influenced by tom robinson’s case. My teacher said it was good, but it has to be a person. In my opinion its tom robinson because of his innocence but they found him guilty and jem saw how cruel the world and people were. And as he was getting older he wanted people and things to be right.

Well I really dont know what im talking about. So please help me out! :) who do you think was most influenced in the story and who were they influenced by? Give me your reason. :)

Answer #1

its been a really long time since I reead this book but I would say that jem is most influenced by Tom Robinson… and I would just write about how jem was influenced by Tom Robinson’s trial and how it effected him and the way he veiwed the world after .. how he wanted to protect all that was innocent. .. sorry if this doesnt help… if I could read the book again id prob be able to help more

Answer #2

Oh oh oh I just read that last Semester I would say boo or maybewalter but I would go with boo

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