Boiling nipples for baby bottles, how long and till what age?

How long should you boil babies nipples

Answer #1

I used to boil my daughters for 5 minutes…but make sure you keep stirring them so them don’t settle to the bottom because I’m pretty sure they will melt! lol

Answer #2

Always with new ones…then I did it once a week from the time she was born until she was off them…It gets rid of all the germs and helps little ones from getting sick.

Even now (shes 2) after her colds I boil her toothbrush and the lids to the sippy cups she used. It helps I think it helps her stay healthy and she’s not sick as often as some of the other kids she’s been around…

Answer #3

Well, you should always boil them after you buy them..

Answer #4

I would boil them until the baby stops the bottle, they can get very nasty

Answer #5

10-15 minutes or so…

Answer #6

sorry I meant what age

Answer #7

boil for 2 min everything should be killed and boil the baby bottles until they are about 2 or off the bottle

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