When is the board of education going to make education easy for individuals?

Answer #1

I don’t know…they have special ed classes…if that is what you are talking about..

Answer #2

It’s not the board of education that controls that. It’s the individual. school work is still work and the harder you work the more you will get out of it. Nature does not say minimal energy = great amounts of work. And thats true if its physics, chemistry, jobs, anything whatever. Education isn’t easy and requires effort. no effort no reward.

Answer #3

Its not really the Board of Education, it’s the teacher. The curriculum that teachers need to follow is set by the Board of Education, but it’s the teachers job to interpret the work and to teach the student the material. The teacher can either care about each student and asking if they have questions or just teach it the way they want to and expect the students to understand.

Answer #4

i don’t know but i hope its soon

Answer #5

haha your like the smartest person i know and you want it easier

Answer #6

i actually have to think to be smart you just have to talk and the right thing comes out

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Answer #8

Question is, when will students start traying? I’m not saying all, but really? They do make it easy, the students just don’t try hard enough. They do special ed clases. They have clases for those who take longer to learn a certain subject. They have free tutoring. Online schools(private) Even the teachers give chance for you to stay after school, or at luch, to learn something better, and still students ignore it, don’t try hard, ditch, and just try to hard to fit in. They did everything. Is time for students to do their part.

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Answer #10

Why on earth should they? It’s like asking when are people going to hand out money for free. If it’s free, it is worthless. Same with education. If it is easy, it is worthless.

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