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I know I've asked a very similar question but my friend wants to know && wont have money for another test till the end of the week && she doesnt want to stress her self out && lose the baby.. soo.. If a test goes to negative to two blurry lines to negative again is she pregnant. cuase there was two lines at one point

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first, let me say is true that blood tests are more accurate. however, it seems to me that you are trying to do this in a cost effective way, and maybe even more descretely than having to go to a dr. or health dept. I know from experience about preg tests...I have 4 children and miscarried 2 other times! The faintest of lines in the positive section generally means pregnant! I had 2 that barely showed at all, but I was def preg. now as far as expense, most $tree or everything is $1 stores have preg tests. they still work! for the last 3 preg thats what I used. if you have any doubt, wait another week and try testing again. if you are preg, the results will get clearer as the weeks go by. and please, as soon as you know you are preg, go see a health practitioner! it is so important for you and the baby. if you are a minor, check with the privacy requirements of your local health dept. they may not be able to reveal anything to anyone without your permission.

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I've already told you this, tell her to go and get a blood test from her doctor. Blood tests are much more accurate and can test pregnancy earlier in the cycle.

could they give me a blood pregnancy test?

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