Blowout gone bad.

Is there anyone else who blowdries their hair,but their hair comes out all frizzy? Like,u blowdry it,but then it just looks all wrong?

Answer #1

I have thick hair and side bangs but thyre thin…

Answer #2

I also use thesmme simply no frizz…and “bed head spoil me”

Answer #3

It Depends On What Sort Of Hair Yu Have Loveyy =]

Answer #4

thank goodness I use gel… I just lather it up my hair with it pinch of gel.. and im all sexied out…

Answer #5

Yep :) Depends what kind of shampoo/conditionor you use :)

Answer #6

? mhm what kind are ya supposd ta use??

Answer #7 blowdryer is conair ionic and it works amazingly good…what blodryer do you have? what you want is a blodryer with a high watt..ceramic…ionic and has different temperatures and a “cool” button

Answer #8

well depends on ya hair type aint it. I use john freda,panteen, onli thoose but you gota try out other ones that suit your own hair because we all got different hair so try it all out and ul see what happends or by frizz-eas I got it works wonders!

Answer #9

mine does but if you go to like wal mart and get fructis garnier for dry and frezzy hair it helps a lot and just wash yr hair with it let the con sit in wash it out blow dry and straighten with a chi it will look really shiny and pretty because my hair use to look like that

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