Are blood clots normal during your period?

when I have my period I have large clumps of blood in my pad or it falls into the toilet when I take my tampon out is this normal bleeding or am I having blood clots. is this something I should talk to my doctor about?

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hi my name is meron I used to have blood clot but its normal now my period is almost regular and I hope urs gonna be normal good luck

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I am 22 year old with two kids and I been get blood clots the size of a tennis ball. I feel so tired and weak. I dont know what to do I am scared

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Nope! Completely normal hunnie don't worry!

mean if your period blood is kinda brown?
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to alexandraaa - don't be scared to tell your mom or doctor - it's better to find out than not :-)

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No its normal! I have those all the time

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Dear jules2822,
Clotting is normal but you can use the rule of thumb here...if the clots are bigger than a quarter and you have a lot of cramps go see your doctor.
Sue...good luck

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Girls, you know your body better than anyone. Please don't be scared and go see a DOCTOR!!!
Why worry over something that might not be anything and why take a chance that it is something wrong.
Please don't wait. I have a 13 year old and hopefully she won't keep this a secret from me. Girls mom's want to help you they LOVE YOU!

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Ergh I use to get them like randomly like maybe one every few months. But this period they have been there every single time I change my tampon, it makes me feel sick. and am scared.

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I get that like all the time, I think its normal so no need to worryy :) [y]

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well im 15 & I get my periods like every 3 months and they usally envolve cramps and large clots and my period right now has been going on for 2 weeks and some days now and last week when I thought I was off I had unproteceted sex for about 6 or 8 minutes and the next day I was back on & im scared I might be pregnant or somthinq but im scared to tell my mother what should I do should my period be this long.

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All it is, is uterin lining coming out. There's nothing to talk to your doctor about. Every girl gets it, and your no different. Don't be worried!

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Sometimes when you get your period, there can be little slimy bits that come out too, like a thickened bloody mucus. It is normal- remember that you're shedding the blood lining of your uterus!

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It's not uncommon but it can be uncomfortable.

It's not a huge deal but you probably should talk to the doc about it. It can be a symptom of something larger like endometriosis. Just ask the doc about it but you don't need to go to the ER over it.

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My period started almost a month ago and it hasn't stopped. In the last week the flow has slowed down I guess but still I just want it to stop. Any suggestions? I started taking vitamin E today because I heard it regulates your period but I thought maybe you guys have a better suggestion. Thanks.

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they are normal
I have the same problem
I wa scared the 1st time I got them
but they are NOTHING to worry about

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I am 13 and I get them too all is well

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don't worry, this is a normal occurrence and is no cause for alarm. Blood clots such as these are perfectly normal because menstruation involves the shedding of the lining of the uterus.

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