How to block a phone number from calling

my husbands ex-wife keeps calling my house to start fights with me. I want to get her number blocked so she can not call my house. how do I do so? I have asked her repeatedly to please stop calling and she refuses to. I do not need the drama or stress. can someone help me please. thank you,

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We have QWest and can block up to 15 numbers from calling us. To do so, lift received and press *60 and follow recorded instructions for callers you want to reject. They will receive a recording which states that you are not accepting calls. If you do not know the number, simply hang up when they call, then lift the receiver again and press *60 immediately after the call. Not ALL calls can be blocked. To cancel blocking a call dial *80.

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How to block a cell phone number from calling my cell phone

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Drop a law suit on her butt.
You can block her number all you want (through your phone provider) but, she will just go to someone else's house and all. Or go to a pay-phone or something. If I were you I would get a restraining order on her or something like that. Hope things work out.

Blocking an inncoming cell phone call from calling me
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um change numbers!! if that doesnt work stop answering your phone maybe then she will stop calling!!

How to block a phone number from calling?

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Unplug your phone :)

How can I block someones calls?
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**pssst! *67 leaves Your number on Their phone: RESTRICTED

How do you block a phone number on a cell phone?

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well I'll get my number change

How do I block a phone number from calling me?
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Umm ever heard of Caller ID???

blocking a phone #

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ok, I've sorta had the same problem, but mine was with my ex boyfriend calling me all the time, and telling me a lot of nasty and weird things, I had his number blocked by calling the phone company. but he found other ways to call. so I finally got sick of it and called the police on him, and I told him what was going on. He now has a restraining order. so yea. hope that helps

- Tela

Phone Blocking
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Well some I have cricket because my daughte's boyfriend kept on calling so he called and I didn't awnser so then I went to call and pressed it.I put options and it said block so I blocked him. So thats what you can do.

How do I block a number from calling my mobile
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Your service provide can block the number for you if you have a complaint

how do you block a number??
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lol she want to fight you lol omg she crazii

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I have comcast and *60 works perfectly

How do you block your number when sending a text?
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Ok I have AT&T... when exactly do you dial *60? Right after they call? Just typing in *60 then calling didn't work. Thanks for any info!

How can you block a number on a cricket A100 (cell phone)?
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press *60 then the number 0 and then press # and add the number and # again, it is that easy

How do you block numbers from calling and texting your cell phone?
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At the poster who posted about using *60


I had looked this up to see how to block a number, and though I have a different phone service provider than Qwest (I have AT&T), using *60 worked for me too. It was quite easy, it just said I could enter a number to block, or block the last number that called... it took less than a minute to do.


how do block a number from your phone
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call your phone company and get a plan that's for blocking out calls you have to pay extra for the good stuff but it will work. but she will just call from someone else phone so just change your number and avoid all the drama life is so full of it anyway...move on cause life is to short to keep tripin with a nut case you get it...

How can I block a number from calling my sprint phone???
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Have an answer machine to take messages while you listen;

Record your message:
"It is a Federal Offense to make or leave threatening or harrassement phone calss...leave your message"

Usually the caller HANGS up if it is not a relevant phone call.

Even if the call comes frm foreign or telemarketers!

How can I block someone from calling me???
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after each call she makes to your home, hang up and press *57 Trace that call. after 3 traces she is screwed. (each trace costs around 1.00)

Stop phone calls
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Many ways to do this. You can also get supported by law or you just dial your phone company to help you out. Changing the number is the best one I think.

How can I block someones number from calling me?