Bleeding in my pregnant dog

Why is she bleeding she is 35 days pregnant and has had a scan?

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Good for you gettting your dog into the Vet ASAP.

How did that work with the lost puppy? Did they leave it in? Just curious how the Vet handled a situation like that?

I am glad your dog was ok.

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yes taken her to the vets and they have said that it was the loss of a puppy but she could be fine with the rest, so fingers crossed and thanks to those of you that answered...
thanks again kelly

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Call your vet...there are probably a dozen reasons this could be happening...10 or which are no big deal...but how do you know, unless you ask a professional?


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How is your dog doing?

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if it just a little shes all right but if it dosent stop and keeps bleeding a little more and more it will lose the puppies.

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You need to take her to a VET it sounds like one of the sacks has busted. But also sometimes female dogs do bleed a little while they are pregnant. I know that my dog did that when I was younger and my mom took her to the VET and they said is could have been a still born puppy but as they could see they were all fine. She had 5 healthy puppies later. They said that she was just bleeding from the stress in her little tummy ! Hope I helped But still go get her checked out !!

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my husky is 4 weeks pregnant and bleeding quite a bit been to the vets today had a scan and seen 2 live healthy pups vet has put her on antibotics just incase but she is well in her self its just a waiting game now fingers crossed to see if she can keep hold of the pups im praying xx how did yr dog get on ive never had a pregnant dog bleed before

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my dogs not due for another week but just had a very black discharge

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