Why am i bleeding after fingering myself with a fat highlighter for the first time?

Answer #1

most likely u popped ur haimen(cherry). if ur a virgin this is normal

Answer #2

You can avoid this if you use lots of lubrication. You should use water- based lubricants such as K-Y Jelly or Astroglide, found in most drug stores, K-Mart, etc.

Answer #3

That is not exactly the best thing to putting up there, it’s got weird edges and you could tear something… You need to use something that can’t scratch you or get lost…

Answer #4

Ty is right, you should use something smoother, if you cut yourself you could get air into your blood wich could kill you.

Answer #5
  • hymen
Answer #6

water based lubricants are recommended for use with condoms as oil based lubricants can damage them and make them ineffective. And i doubt it’s a lubrication issue anyway. Being dry would not caused bleeding unless she was violent with herself but she would have felt herself tear.

Answer #7

There a couple of reasons why you may be bleeding. You may have broken your hymen which is a thin skin covering the entrance to the v(a)gina. It’s common for this to happen. The reason it doesn’t happen in all girls is because sometimes it wears away of its own accord due to the use of tampons and horse riding etc. The bleeding will stop on its own and you shouldn’t worry about it. Another reason may be that it’s your period? I don’t want you to feel like i’m patronising you but you may have come on. Maybe it was your first one and you weren’t expecting it, or maybe you’re just irregular. I couldn’t say, but i’m sure the bleeding is one of these two things and is nothing to worry about :)

Answer #8

this is true for a cut of any kind surely, and so isn’t really relevant to this question at all is it?

Answer #9

no affence ut why woulld you do that in the first place lol

Answer #10

not smart - cookie, that is very dangerous, if your in need of that go to a store and get a silver bullet they do the job.

Answer #11

dont do it with an object like that! obviously u will bleed! jeez

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