Do you like black and white movies?

Why or why not?

Answer #1

Boring,I need colors,it makes them interesting.

Answer #2

Yes, there’s black and white films I like, such as The Apartment. Why? well for me a good film is a good film regardless of what colour it’s filmed in, or what language for matter.

Answer #3

movies without color bore me to death…

Answer #4

No, they are too old, and boring.

Answer #5

Gosh, you guys are missing out on some terrifc movies!

Answer #6

i still prefer color =)

Answer #7

Ugh hate em :S except comedies xD at least you keep entertained rather then your eyes sliding from the screen to the nearest window. :D

Answer #8

Many great movies are black and white. Dr. Strangelove, Bridge on the River Kwai, Kind Hearts and Coronets, Repulsion, and most of Alfred Hitchcock’s films, If you limit yourself to color you miss out on all of these.

Black & White films are still made, often for effect or to evoke nostalgia or other feelings. There is the already mentioned Dr. Strangelove but also Night of the Living Dead, Schindler’s list, Young Frankenstein, Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid and Ed Wood.

Black & White is actually more difficult to shoot than color. We are already used to a lot of variation in color in different lighting so we have surprisingly wide latitude for what looks natural. B & W is much less forgiving, lighting and exposure need to be adjusted much more critically. If you watch a color movie converted to B & W it typically doesn’t look very good but a well shot B & W movie can be visually stunning.

Answer #9

I should have mentioned the Marx Brothers films. They are still among the funniest movies ever made.

Answer #10

My mum has a big collection of black and whites that I’m starting to watch. I love some of the Billy Wilder films I’ve seen, especially The Apartment, Some Like it Hot and Double Indemnity. I’ve watched a couple of Hitchcocks too. Not seen and Marx Brothers, bit watched soem Laurel and Hardy. I couldn’t limit myself to just colour films, in the same I don’t listen to just modern music.

Answer #11

One of my favorate films ever is A hard days night and thats black and white. I never thought i would like a black and white film

Answer #12

Ya gotta’ see the Marx Brothers movies.

I think Duck Soup is the best of their films but some other fans consider it their worst and A Night at the Opera their best.

Answer #13

clerks is the best movie ever but the second one sucked and it was in color?!

Answer #14

Hmm, I do like black & white films, however I’m not really into silent films though..

Answer #15

I love Billy Wilder movies! And anything with Jack Lemmon

Answer #16

Love them. They are amazing. My favourites are It Happened One Night (I LOVE Frank Capras movies!), You Cant Take it With You, Its a Wonderful Life, All About Eve, The Apartment and Going My Way.

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