Who is the black guy in Rebecca Black's video "Friday"?

so he looks like a mix between usher and flo rider haha. Also whats up with that song ? Is it legit ? or a joke ?

Answer #1

Patrice Wilson. He actually wrote the song and works for the record company who signed her. And no, the song isn’t a joke. Sad, right?

Answer #2

LMFAO ! very, very sad

Answer #3

Coincidentally, I heard the song 5 minutes before I read this question. Annie is correct. I do believe this song has gotten attention because its horrible lyrics that don’t rhyme and are quite predictable and irrelevant to the main point of the song. At one point she says “Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards.” I was like “Wow! did she really just state the obvious? Like we don’t know the days of the week.” I hate the lyrics of the song so much. I am sorry if you believe my comment is inappropriate, but I had to state my opinion.

Answer #4

oh man no ! I agree completely ! I f-ing hate the song, and i wish she wont make any other stating the obvious songs. It’s ridiculous. Also shes in grade eight apparently, and shes talking about partying. thats not cool, thats just sad.

Answer #5

Yeah. The party looked lame anyways. I feel sorry for the girl, she is going to get so much negative attention in her future. I will laugh so hard if she becomes the next Justin Beiber. (Not literally become him, but end up in the same situation; most people hate him, except obscene little girls)

Answer #6

Yes i know what you mean. and i really dont think she will. Because justin beiber ( althought i hate hate hate hate to say it) has a little bit of talent. But this girl… uhm.. I feel bad.. the only way she will become famous is for singing one of the most annoying, and stupid songs this year.

Answer #7

Lol. Yes, I understand.

Answer #8

I hate this girl with a passion. She’s 13 years old, has NO talent and the lyrics are more than slightly retarded. “Gotta go downstairs gotta get my bowl gonna have cereal.” Thanks for the unnecessary info, but it doesn’t make a good song. Also, those kids in the car look about 13 as well. Sorry if I just sounded like a ranting idiot, but it’s such a bad song.

Answer #9

Oh i agree lol she pisses me off sooooo much too

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