What was that music video with a girl with long jet black hair?

Ok she had pretty fair skin, long jet black hair with straight across bangs. She looked like she might have been in her late teens. I saw the video last summer (2009) while I was in the teen section of… Macy’s(?). I really wanna know!!

Answer #1

Would there be words to this video at least a couple maybe I can help

Answer #2

Try searching up a girl named (lights) on youtube.

Answer #3


Answer #4

Um, hard to say =( any teen singer from 09 w/jet black hair i’d be happy to look up myself. Can u think of ANY? I think I remember one of the scenes in her music video where she was wearing a rain jacket and had an umbrelly i think she was walking down the steps of a huge mansion.

Answer #5

lol umbrella :)

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