Is it my birth control pills or am I pregnant?

Hi, I just want to know if it the birthpill I am taking changing my eating habit or there is a chance I can be pregnant? First, I love to drink coffee and been drinking it since I was very young. I used to drink 10 cups or more a day and love it but since last month I cannot stand coffee. I try drinking it again and just don’t like it at all. I try different brands to see if it was the coffee and not even Starbucks coffee i like. I don’t like the smell(which i used to love), the taste or anything about it. Also I used to love to eating chicken any style but bread or really fried, but for some reason I cannot eat,see,smell,or even cook chicken. I get gross out and cannot eat it. I even had someone else make chicken for me and still I get so gross out by it. Now, I hate chicken as well as some meat. For some reason my eating habit has been changing without me want it. This is just when I was pregnant with my son. I don’t know if this is because of my birth pill i am taking call beyaz or what it is. Last period was late, I was brown spotting in between and took a pregnancy test and it was negative (but so was my first pregnancy as well, I was only able to find out when i did a blood work and miss my period two months in a row). Also my period is normally 6 day even on my birth pill but this time around it was 4 days . Could I be pregnant or is just my birth pills changing the way I eat.I notice that I am eating more fruit than i used to eat. I am also taking metformin since I have PCOS.


Answer #1

You’d have to take a pregnancy test to find out.

Answer #2

Hi, I already did take a pregrancy test but it came out negative but symptoms are there. Even with my first pregnancy I had a negative result as well, but in my first pregnacy i never had any bleeding not even spotting. Thats why I dont know if it my birthpill or that I am pregnant.

Answer #3

you should take multiple pregnancy tests. and i guess it is possible for the birthcontrol to be doing it because it does mess with your hormones. but the only way to be sure is a test

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