what birth control pill would you recommend? what type of condom would you recommend as well?

Answer #1

I was on ortho tri cyclen lo and i loved it. I never gained weight on it and it helped with cramps and i had lighter periods.

Answer #2

I use Aviane pills, which are cheap and good for hormones. Condoms are all up to you :)

Answer #3

I am on an IUD marina~ it works for me

Answer #4

the implanon implant you keep it on for three years. I had mine in since February & havent had my period since.

Answer #5

use the implanon implant.. you have it on for three years. you can take it out whenever. I had it in since February & i haven’t had my period since. no cramps, no weight gain.

Answer #6

im on seasonique and i love it! i only have my period 4 times a year because its every 3 months for only 4 days!

Answer #7

Use Trojen thts what i use if you’ve never put one on then buy a three pack first to see if they fit

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