Will the birth control patch work if I skipped a week?

I have been on the birth control patch. I accidently put on the birth control patch like i didnt skip one week like i was supposed to. I havent gotten my period. I am wondering if any other women that are on the Birth control patch know if that does protect even more or not at all if i hadnt skipped a week. I am thinking that once i go off the patch for the week after the last one i have on i will get my period but im still curious?

Answer #1

You are still protected but no more than usual. You’re still getting the same amount of hormones, you’re just skipping your period week. I would go through to your next period week. Just continue wearing the patch as if you just did have your period week. It’s called continuous birth control.

You may have break through bleeding but continue wearing the patch.

I am on pills, I skip the placebo week all the time. My gyno said it’s perfectly safe for continuous use. Every 3 cycles I take my placebo week to get my period. So I will only have my period about 4 or 5 times a year.

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