How can I help my cat through birth?

how an you help your cat when shes delivering her kittens and one was dead and theres bags just hanging out of her ??

Answer #1


Well, first of all, it’s fairly normal for cats to have stillborn kittens, sadly. All you can do is to remove the baby from the area so the mother can continue uninterrupted with birthing the other kittens.

Now the placenta part…(I’m assuming that’s what you mean by “bags”). First of all, count them and make sure that there is one for each kitten. It is a good practice to count the placentas to make sure all are expelled. If there is one still inside her (aka there’s an extra kitten compared to the number of “bags”), then she needs a Vet ASAP.

Once the babies are delivered, the mother cat should sever the umbilical cord by chewing on it approximately one inch from the kitten’s body. At this time, she may eat the placenta (bags). If not, make sure every kitten has been born (there is usually 10-60min between each birth) and gently clean her up.

Any questions, ASK THE VET! call them. Posting here is no substitute for real medical advice, for humans or animals.

Answer #2

we live on a farm and have alot of cats ……we just let them have there kittens by them selves.

Answer #3

well usally the cat does it on her own but if she needs help gently press on her stomach and help but make sure you wash your hands really good befor and after and wateva you do DONT NOT TOUCH THEM AFTER THEY ARE ALL BORN cause the mommy cat will KILL them try eat them!

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