Do you think the billboard showing virgin mary holding a pregnancy test is too controversial?

St. Matthews-in-the-City Church in Auckland, New Zealand purchased the billboard in an attempt to get people talking. Do you find the billboard amusing and fun, or do you think they went too far?

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Is it too controversial? Well its too ambiguous to be too controversial. I think that having Virgin Mary as the person pregnant is a bit bewildering due to the fact that trying to compare a Virgin holding the child of God to a "real mother with a real child" isn't a real comparison. Its not very well thought out to me. My thoughts arent even coagulated enough to have my own opinion.

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Rather interesting juxtaposition if you ask me. No caption so they leave the interpretation to the viewer.

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I find it interesting. But what would had motivated her to get the test if she never had real sex? Did she feel her belly getting big? I am not familiar with the whole story of the immaculate conception but in the bible does it say anything about her being aware that she was gonna give birth to Jesus before the actual birth?

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She was visited by an angel who told her she was pregnant with God. so yeah...

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Oh. ok. lol! I remember now....

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Gets everybody's attention ...which is the point. But leaves the question why a virgin would resort to taking a pregnancy test in the first place?

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Yup...they didn't have internet access back then...otherwise God would have emailed. LOL

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It is a common misconception that "immaculate conception" refers to Jesus' asexual conception. It actually refers to his mom, Mary. You see Roman Catholic dogma teaches that Mary's conception was immaculate and unlike the rest of mankind Mary was born without the stain of original sin. Being born sin-free she was prepared to be the vessel of Jesus.
Mary and Joseph were betrothed but not married. An angel came to Joseph in a dream and told him Mary was pregnant by the holy spirit, would mother the messiah and that Joseph should go through with the marriage even though Mary was pregnant.

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They are trying to incite a considerate thought. "Think of what a mother goes through" and for that I think it's good. They may have a bit of a contradictory expression though. There weren't many instant pregnancy tests in 7 BC.

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