why is there no one out there who makes a bikini for a size 6G?

Answer #1

Because that HUGE.

Answer #2

i live in ontario whats a size 6G?? does that mean girls?

Answer #3

try living with it :( tiny waist and huge boobs suck

Answer #4

means clothing size 6 (or uk 28) and bra size G… little waist, and big boobs

Answer #5

its better then being really fat with small boobs.

Answer #6

oo thats a huge difference.. there natural boobs?? with a tiny waist like that? it would be really hard to find anything like that.. here for binikis you would get a size 6 bottoms and then mix match with a plus size bra.. and if its strings you may have to alter to make them shorter… there is a place here in ontairo here in the mall there is a biniki hut and u can do that.. the other option is order online

Answer #7

are these breasts natural? u would have major back probs.. a lot of ppl here would get a breast reduction .. anyway but ya they dont really make stuff to accomdate large breast and a small frame.. you pretty much have to go to a actual bathing suit store.. or have one made for you.. here our suit stores you can buy the small size 6 bottoms and then buy a plus size top to fit in the larger chest.. or order online

Answer #8

omg bahh it said it didnt post and erased my comment. so i typed it out again hit submit and now there is two.. lol

Answer #9

I dont think they imagine anybody like that, have you tried having a designer make it for you?

Answer #10

bahah true….

Answer #11

im 17…yes they are real

Answer #12

haha ive been online for hours trying to find one :(

Answer #13

its getting to that point i swear :( but its unfair that girls with no boobs can pay 15 bucks and just becoz i have a unique body shape i have to pay hundreds? :@

Answer #14

Why don’t you go to those stores that sell the tops and pants separately. Also they won’t make money if they make bikini’s for those size, that is why they don’t.

Answer #15

you might have to find a person that will make them for you.. that may be your only option…

i dont know how ur back doesnt hurt.. i have a g cup size to but i have a 42 waist so its def not tiny.. lol and my back still kills holding em up..

but i know here in our mall there is biniki/bathing suit place where they sell size 0 to plus size in tops and bottoms and basically you have to mix and match but they had e,f,g,h bikini tops there so its gotta be possible some where

Answer #16

i get lower back problems right near my tail bone and lower spine most of the time, but my butt kinda balances me out hahha im in australia and i dont thiink they have those :(

Answer #17

yeah they wuld, id buy it

Answer #18

dude i know how you feel, i am a 32 E and because i have a narrow back but large cups i have to pay £5-£10 more than people with wider backs!!

Answer #19

But you are one of few. They produce for the masses.

Answer #20

pretty much because its really hard to make pretty bikinis and bras in those sizes - they actually have to be functional rather than just look good. A specialty store may sell them

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