What is the biggest size bed?

Answer #1

King sized, isn’t it?

Answer #2

biggest one I know of is a californian king

Answer #3

California King…it’s bigger than a King.

Answer #4

that’s magical :)

Answer #5

no… there are about two beds bigger than that! I pride myself on my bed knowledge. Bed is the best thing in the world I think!

Answer #6

XDDD hahahahaha!!!

Answer #7

i think its missippi queen

Answer #8

Who comes up with these names >.>

Answer #9

really weird people lol

Answer #10

people who make beds and really like where they come from

Answer #11

Well I’m gonna make a bed called Connor :)

Answer #12

lol it will be the size of a YMCA swiming pool

Answer #13

there is also a size called california king

Answer #14

Im making a bigger one and naming it Christchurch King after where I am from. Keeping with the location tradition and all.

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