How to get my thighs and calves slim?

Well, I’ve been wondering. How do I get my thighs and calves slim. Do anyone have idea? My height is 150cm… And I got a really slim tummy.. Bt d fats in ma thighs and calves are really bothering me. Whenever I wear skirts.I look like a fat cow!!! Pls pls pls.. I really need to get it slim and trim for my modeling… Pls plsss… Give me idea…

Answer #1

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Answer #2

exercise. jogging, jumping rope perhaps. do things that burn fat. maybe hit the tredmill often enough, or get out and pound the pavement w. daily runs. it’ll help you slim down and give you toned, sexy legs. however, all people are different, so you may or may not have to push yourself harder.

Answer #3

to slim lower body is really a tough job…hey! dont worry .. there is a solution…just avoid your sitting habits…dont wear heels…do skipping as much as you can… dont eat junk food… believe me…one day will really going to come…for which you are so crazy…n you going to prove whole world that I m the best..///

Answer #4

I have huge thigh and calfs too beleive me..but the rest of me is like a stick…I think it’s all about how confident you are what everyone looks at as skinny is too skinny sometimes it helps me to measure the circumfrance of my thigh or calfs when I think about how small they are I fell so much better and feel so much beautifull..also I try to find clothes that slim me never skinny jeans try flair…also I know it sounds weird but if you shave a lot it makes yyou more comfortable about your figuire…also focus on excesizeing other parts of your body the stronger your arms or whatever else the smaller your legs look.avoid sweats also just take one day a month to take a spa day and treat yourself to everything…just make your self feel beautiful. When you go shopping just findwhat makes you feel beautiful..also if there is something I try on in a store that makes me feel really fat and it’s cheap I buy it and then burn it or cut it up…I hope this helped

Answer #5

I too have big legs, but my upper body is in excellent shape. A lot of it is genetics, and it takes a lot of work to adjust your legs to how you want them. I recommend walking, running, and perhaps a tap class to turn the fat into muscle and to give your legs a nice tone. Good luck!

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