Big anger problems

I have really bad anger issues that developed since I was a kid from all the abuse and teasing. My boyfriend says that the type of anger that I have is from bottling up my emotions and then later “popping.”When I get angry I yell and say stuff of which later I calm down and don’t remember almost all the stuff I say. I am still going through some difficult times of which adds to my anger. What should I do?

Answer #1

I know how you feel…Im working on controlling my anger issues myself. My advice would be to talk to your docter and see if you can’t get some anger managment or therapy.

Answer #2

Try not to get ot the point of snapping out. Might I sujest talking to some one about what is upsetting you long before it ever builds up.

Concaling might help to also anger management however it is not for every one some people I think that it just made things worse then they were before.

You could try to let things go and do not take them so to heart an what not.


Answer #3

Just let it out.. Haha.

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