BFF just got dumped.

My best friend just got dumped and now shes really heartbrokened. shes still in love with him and she cant get him out of her head. how do I help her? and I need some GOOD advicie, she is so hardheaded.

Answer #1

well unfortunatly greatest peice of advice I can give you is ‘time is the greatst healer’ I’ve been heartbroken many times, it takes a lot of time, getting rid of their belongings or memories that she still owns, and she may be in denial and she needs to accept this has happened and will stay this way rather than being in self denial with desperate love thoughts, shes needs to accept and let time takes its course

maybe you as a friend take her out as much as possible, make sure shes not on her own much, make sure shes out with friends a lot, because solitude will make her remeber, take her out and show her a very good time good luck to her I know its hard

Answer #2

Male stripers and tons of alcohol if your underage which im sure you are tehn your screwed

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