What happened to my beta fish?

Iwas cleaning out the tank and I put my beta in another cup… I was going to let it sit in that other cup for a day while the chlorine dissipated but it jumped out (I don’t know how). I put it back in the bowl..so an hour went by and he stopped swimming. His left eye turned red.. he grew a film over his body.. and died. I want to know what happened to him so I don’t make that mistake again

thanks: jeff

Answer #1

No wonder he died, = he commited suicide because he knew what a horrible death it would be to die in chlorine! NEVER use chlorine to clean fish habitats

Answer #2

Did you clean out your tank after the clhorine in it? Cause if you didn’t and then you stuck your fish in, you’re supposed to clean it first and I don’t think you’re supposed to clean a fish tank with chlorine.

Answer #3

well you might not have cleaned the bowl all the way. or the chlorine wasn’t all the way disolved into the water and he got sick.

Answer #4

well it may have clamed some dirt or something and it might have gone in to shock

Answer #5

he might have hit his eye on something and or the tank water didn’t disolve yet.

Answer #6

clamed some dirt? what do u mean

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