Best friend's birthday

Hey ! My best friend [ girl] is having her birthday tommorow and I want to make her the best gift but I don't know what... Please help me

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well that all will be great but what if it is your bestfriends brithday (girl) and your other close friends will be there and your boyfriend I want to suprise her that I am coming and stuff but should I just give her a gift card cause I will only be staying in that part of the city for a little bit in till I go back to the country

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Give her like 50 bucks (less if you want to) and ask her mom if she and you could go to the mall the next day. If you add all the rest of the money she got for her birthday and all the gift cards she has you could have a lot of fun.

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That's boring, I made a cute little purse for one of my friends last year... Just go to Wal-Mart, in the crafts section there's small little purses, Iron on flowers, sow on beads and fun stuff like that... they're really fun to make!

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Well my best friend made this really cute picture frame well she bought it and with letter stickers she put our nicknames on either side and had the picture of me and her in and I thought that was the coolest thing I had ever gotten.Personaly I think when people do things like that you know do it by themselves it means more than just buying something.
Tell her Happy Birthday :)

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Make up gross jokes cool jokes and other

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I think Mix CDs are always personal and fun to make. Especially if you design the CD cover!

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get (her) something she has always wanted or just find stuff around the house and make something.I did it to my friend once she said it was her best presant she ever got in her lifetime!

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