Best exercise for weight loss?

What is the best exercise to do for effective weight loss? High intensity? Low? Im not expecting sudden results, Im just thinking if I have to do 30/40 minutes of constant cardio should I be doing it on a bike, rower, tredmill etc..?

Answer #1

a high intensity workout for a short amount of time will burn calories throughout the day, while a low intensity workout for a long amount of time only burns calories while your working out. go with high intensity workouts.

Answer #2

sits up treadmill just have fun and keep active!! O AND NOO JUNK FOOD is bad while your exercising ok maybe just a lil lol

Answer #3

Run, do what humans were designed to do. We used to hunt our prey by running after them!!!

Answer #4

katie price dvd am getting that and doing special k diet should work xx

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