Best brand of mattress to buy?

My back has been killing me in the morning, I t has to be time for a new mattress. What is the best brand of mattress to buy?

Answer #1

they are kind of pricey…but TEMPURPEDIC! they are so great! I slept on one in a luxury hotel room…and at first sit, my husband and I thought it was going to be a hard mattress…then, we began to sink in…for real! the material that the bed is made out of responds to your body and adjusts the support where needed most! we have an old mattress at home and both wake with back aches daily…also lots of restless tossing and turning at night, so tired in the morning when we wake. BUT the night we spent at he hotel…a whole different story! we both slept like babies! no tossing, no restlessness, no back ache in the morning…just fully rested happy (and amazed) people! we both have raved to everyone about how great of a nights sleep we both had…we gotta get one of these too! I highly recommend!!!

Answer #2

Serta! thoose tempirpedic ones can be too soft, and hurt even more when you wake up. serta is the one with the counting sheep on their commercial. hope I helped!

Answer #3

serta then termperpedic or dr. sleep

Answer #4

go to tempurpedic or sleepies

Answer #5

I have a new bed, I went for half normal bed with a temper topper on the top, I love my bed. why dont you ask your friends what they have and go over to theirs and try it out!!

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