Belly button ring

The person who pierced mine said to wait 8 weeks to swim or change it.
But my best friend had hers done and the person who did hers told her only 6 weeks..
So when should I change it and swim..cause summer is coming up :)

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you could probably swim in the ocean, but id stay away from pools as they are full of chemicals. I wouldnt change it tho. not until about 10 weeks! I changed mine at about 6 weeks and I got a HUGE infection that swelled my tummy and made me look preggers! lol. the doctor gave me a 50/50 chance of keeping the ring. I ended up keeping it. but seriously dont change it yet.

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You can safely swim in clean sanitary water such as a pool after about 2-3 weeks. No swimming in dirty lakes. You have to wait 3 months before you can change it definitely not 6 or 8. Taking it out before can cause lots of problems.

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You will know when the piercing has healed as;
-The area will not be sore anymore
-There is not puss coming out of it
- The jewellery moves freely ( without pain)
-The area around the piercing is not red or discolored

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Wow you're lucky for it not be sore :P
Mine still is. You might find that you keep accidently knocking it or catching it with clothing etc that might make it hurt a little bit when touched. Once you get nearer to the time decide whether you feel it's an appropriate time to take it out. Good luck :)

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The longer the better.
I've had mine since August and I just changed the bar in it for the first time and no problems have occured with it.
I would wait a few months before swimming as it can irritate a healing peircing.

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you shouldnt swim in swimming pools for a few months
because the chlorine can infect it
your fine to have showers or swim in the ocean though
and you need to leave it in for at least 3 months before attempting to change it
because it needs that time to heal

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I guess the longer the better. Different piercers say different things. I got mine done just over two weeks ago and the lady said I couldn't swim for 8 weeks however she also told me that I shouldn't really take it out for 12 weeks.

In my personal opinion 8 weeks a little too short to be taking it out let alone 6 weeks. It's up to you. Is it still sore? If you feel like it has healed then go ahead. If it still sometimes gets sore then I would leave it in for a bit longer.
Good luck :)

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The girl who just piereced my daughter's belly button was awesome. She said to do sea salt soaks 4x/day and that it can take anywhere from 6-months to 1 year for a naval piercing to heal. She said absolutely no swimming or changing the jewelry for at least 6-months. Some of my daughter's friends said they went swimming in the ocean after 2 weeks but the piercer said no way, not worth the risk of infection. We thought 6-months seemed like a long time but after reading the literature she gave us and researching on line we will wait.

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A week is not enough, do not take it out although you can swim in a few weeks.

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