Being a teenager.

everyone knows that you go through many changes and stuff when you are growing up, with, acne. feelings, hair, “urges” and things like that. how do I get these thigns under control. for instance, my acne is not too bad now, but I want to heal it, feelings: I want to block osme of them. body hair is a factor for me, and I hate it cause it is real bad for me. and asd far as urges go …I dont have those… I want some advice.

Answer #1

acne: I use oxy pads, and they work really well on me, you can find them at target. they also have oxy soap and boday wash. it may not work on you, cus you might have a different skin type than me, but other good suggestions are clean & clear and proactive.

Answer #2

I use oxy pads too! They work most of the time

Answer #3

I agree. Oxy pads work very well.

You sound like you may need to discover a hobby or goals in your life and focus more on that to stay on track. A hobby or new goals may not solve all the passing problems that you face as a teenager, but overall they will definitely help you to keep on track overall. Electrolosis permanently removes hair, there are hair removal products (ie. “Nair”), and there are many different types of razors on the market. If you face issues with “urges” of different types, you may want to investigate a more religious approach. For many young people, religious beliefs provide solid guidelines and reasons for keeping themselves in check in that area.

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