Is it smart to befriend your ex?

I had a relationship with this guy for almost 3 years.we were so in love and inseparable.and then I had to go to another country for a good job.we have constant communication,long distance relationship was never a problem,I thought..he broke my heart,he confessed that he’s in love with his ex-girlfriend.that they been in a relationship again.he said he didn’t mean it,it just happened.I don’t know if his blaming me because I’m not there.I accept it,my life been miserable.

I go home after a year,and I see him again,I thought there’s nothing more between us.but we ended up having a night together.

how can we be friends,if we have casual sex? I guess its not yet over for me but I want to move on.I know he’s more inlove with his girl now than to me.

Answer #1

Yes. I am in good friendship wiht a lot of my ex-s. And this type of friends may end up in causal sex. Then go back to their present partners.

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