what bedding is best for a horse with a broken splint bone?

Answer #1

um i dont know much about that but when my horse hurt her leg we used hay and straw and put her in a closed space by herself and she got better fast . Do you mind me asking what happend? i just had too sell both of my horses sadly .

Answer #2

awww :( & the vet says that she has probably kicked out and hit it off something shes got to have 8-10 weeks bed rest D: cant ride her till late january :( shes in the hospital atm can pick her up sunday :D how come you had to see your horses? x

Answer #3

The guy we were renting the pasture from just all the sudden told us they couldn`t be there and we had too get them out of there asap so we sold them along with my older and younger cousins 2 horses ): i had both of my horses for like 5 years . im not going too lie i cried a little when i saw the man come pick them up lol .

Answer #4

awww bless (: we have just had to pay £500 for this vet bill D:

Answer #5

Oh gosshh! but i would do it too i loved my horses ):

Answer #6

well if i looked out a plane window my reaction wood be i feel sick haha

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