whats the best horse breed to get for enjoyment riding?

and should you get it as a foal? is a filly or colt better?

Answer #1

I would try finding a horse the color(s) you want, the size you want (small, meduim, large), the gender, and I would recommend finding a horse that is easy to get along with and just fun to ride.

Then go for the breed you want.

Answer #2

I remember hearing that an Icelandic horse offers a very smooth ride. I’m not an equestrian by any means, so I really don’t know for sure.

Answer #3

I have a Tennessee Walking Horse and she’s great. She’s not mean at all. I never ride her anymore though. I used to ride her all the time and she never kicked or anything like that.

Answer #4

Oh, and you should probably get a foal, so you can work with it alot and let it get used to you(: I find girl horses better than boys. They’re usually not as mean.

Answer #5

Older horses with years of experience for new riders, I broke my leg on one, so you deffinately want to get with a local trainer who may have one for sale,and knows what that horse is cpable of, you get what you pay for! its not always about the breed, I recommend an old trail horse for starters!

Answer #6

you get what you pay for! <— Hmm…I don’t agree with that. My parents paid only $150 for my TN Walker and she’s a great horse. She’s never bit, kicked or anything.

Answer #7

Its not the breed, its how its handled and trained. If its handled roughly then its wayy more likely 2 b harder 2 catch and b v bad tempered. Get a horse thats a good size and if u r a novice DON’T get a young 1 (bad idea…. trust me i no!) maybe lyk 15 as that is a good age as its middle aged then. Get a horse from a expereienced person maybe an advert in a mag or paper? Hope i helped xx :)

Answer #8

dont get a foal, u have 2 break it in and they are a HUGE handful. There is 1 in the feild near us and u have 2 be really careful as it tends 2 bite and rear nd gallop up 2 u and it does not stop. Its a female btw. Just a warning, but females are generally better, also if u get a male and want it calmer and easier 2 handle get it castrated but its costs LOADS

Answer #9

cobs are nice they are a good size 2 :) I ride 1 x

Answer #10

it does not matter about colour, just how it behaves and that it does not have any conformation foalts like cow hocks - it can cause perminant lameness, parrot mouth- can cause serious teeth problems and an ewe neck- were the pony/horse’s neck has no muscle on top. Not good.

Answer #11

Welsh cobs have very nice canters lol :)

Answer #12

yh they do :) lol

Answer #13

Also, I reckon a gelding would be better than a mare…in my experience less geldings are mean (though there are some veryy king mares). But you can find out for yourself if you meet the horse before buying it ;)

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