How can I become beautiful?

How can I become beautiful?

Answer #1

be you re self;) because I believe everyone is beautiful on they re own uniq ways:)

Answer #2

BE YOURSELF>>> thats the answer honey…

Answer #3

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!!

Answer #4

be urself!!! =]

Answer #5

Make up or plastic surgery maybe even shoping for better clothes. If your clothes are cute then just do your hair in a different style.

Answer #6

beauty is on the inside :]

Answer #7

There is no way to become beauiful. But here are some tips.

-Be yourself nooone like a fake person (: -Try to dress & groom yourself nicely not to impress people but to feel comfortable -Have a nice personality & show you care.

Anyone that has these traits is beautiful to me ♥

Answer #8

there is noo way to just BE beautiful. I am UGLY and I cannot just change my life and become beautiful. that isn’t how life works.

Answer #9

there is no way cuss im hella ugly tooo and they only way to be pretty is to get plastic surgery, but dont get that you can be who ever you want to be as long as your comfortable

Answer #10

Well you Could Always Wear Really Pretty Clothes And Wear Make-up And Be Really Clean,Take Showers Everyday And Thatt.

Answer #11

im not the pretties person on the plannet but I just be myself not trying to impress anyone I be who I want to be,, so try and be who you are! I use what I have got and work with it, + I pull in the Lads ! :) Hope the advie is okaay

Answer #12

take the pretty pill, then fall asleep and when you wake up you’ll be GORGEOUS!!!

no, but just be confident because ugly personalities arent attractive..

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