How can I possibly become beautiful?

How can I become beautiful? I have blonde hair, blue eyes, but I am not very pretty. I am a litle round in the stomache, and I am eighteen, turning ninteen soon. what do I do? Pleeze help!!

Answer #1

Everyone has the ability to be beautiful, try make up, something different with your hair maybe a different style of clothes. To help with the round tummy try walking with your stumach sucked in it helps tone it.

Answer #2

There isnt anything you can do to yourself to make yourself think of yourself differently. Sure you can put on makeup and do your hair all nice but until you can call yourself pretty with no make up messy hair and a nightgown on then no amount of make up will help I completely understand what your going through! I hated how I looked and sometimes still do but its all in the attitude girlfriend just rock whatcha got!

stop by and talk to me anytime

Answer #3

im sure your gorgeous. I think everyone is beautiful in there own way. I know your thinking NO THEYRE NOT

but seriously. you are. but if you really htink its that bad, wear foundation, eyeliner, mascara etc…

try a different hairstyle…

I dont know, but I hoped I helped :)

Answer #4

thanks everyone!!!

Answer #5

everyone is beautiful :)

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