Do water and red bull clear out your system for a drug test?

are you serious about the drug test and drinkin the water and red bull cus im 15 and I just got caught wit weed at skool and im bout to get put on probation and they going to drug test me and I dont want to stop smokin and if I do what you said and I still fail im gettin sent off for a year and I aint trying to get sent off again

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evaporated milk? never heard that one, its tough to quit smokin but if your looking at getting sent away it might not be worth it. And the only thing I know that works for sure are those herbal drinks you can pick up at GNC, about 40 bucks a pop but they work. Red bull and water aint going to do it, best not to risk it though

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Most likely they will be able to find drugs in your system no matter what. Why risk it? Is weed really worth that much to you? Maybe you should be sent off for a year, so you can get off of drugs!

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Poppy seeds!

and, the water probly wont do nonthing red bull might though

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hmmm.. drink 1 can of evaporated milk few hours before the test

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