Batman begins dvd - just watched it, and I think it was great - ho

Last night I watched Batman Begins on DVD with some friends. I have to say, the movie was awesome - possibly the best batman movie so far. The story basically started with a bit of the usual - you know, Bruce Wayne growing up a small kid, bat issues, and then his parents get off’d, etc.

Thing is, the way that Bruce becomes Batman, and the idea / thinking behind his whole venture into heroism, is very well done. I liked how his family business was tied up with the arms business and that explained a bit of the way things progressed, his access to all that high tech weaponry, etc. What did you think of the movie batman begins? Did you watch it on DVD or see it in the theater?

Answer #1

i did both. That movie was amazin.By far the best batman remake I’ve ever seen.

Answer #2

I really didnt like it.. i loved the first ones though especially batman returns…

Answer #3

I thought it was the best one so far. It depicted Bruce Wayne’s creation of Batman very well. After all, The Dark Knight had a very dark beginning…

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