Bathroom in Basement PLEASE HELP

Hi… And Blessed Blessings to you all~ Me and my boyfriend are getting ready to move into a basement apartment. It has a washer and dryer, but no bathroom and no kitchen. My step father is giving us a comode, sink and shower stall. But my question to you very helpful friends is, what else will I nedd to do all this and how do I do it? We are expecting a child soon, so we are on a very tight budget. if any-one can help me with some good cheap idea’s, I would be so ever grateful. I Thank you and I hope one day I am able to help you. God Bless and have a wonderful day… Pamela

Answer #1

Hmm, I’m not sure what you could do but, if you’re talking about installing those things for a bathroom, I’d say talk to someone that’s in plumbing Or, talk to the person that’s giving you the downstairs apartment.

Answer #2

“what else will I nedd to do all this and how do I do it?”

Not sure what you are asking. Are you asking HOW to install those things? If so, does the “Apartment” have the necessary sewer and water hookups for a toilet, sink and shower?

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