Do you need to get your basics in order to go to a cooking school?

Do you need to get your basics in order to go to a cooking school?

Answer #1

texaskimmie, what do you mean by, you need to be good and accepeted?

Answer #2

ohh. I totally get you know. Sorry I just didnt gte what you were saying before..

Answer #3

You need to be good at cooking things, and be accepted by the cooking school you want to go to. Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough.

Answer #4

Most I’ve read about require a high school diploma or a GED…not sure what you mean by “basics” though.

Answer #5

No, I don’t believe you need your basics (basics meaning the core classes in college) to go to cooking school. You do however, need to be good and have to be accepted. You need to check with the cooking school you want to go to, and see what their requirements are. Then go from there.

Answer #6

you need to graduate highschool, or get your GED.

culinary school is just like college. it IS college… with a different spin.

and when you get into your culinary program… you will be taking a few maths, a few englishes, a few historys and stuff like that… all of the regular core classes. EXCEPT, you will be taking things like baking, sanitation, gravy+soups, pastry 101… classes like that.

its just like a regular college. …a math major has to take all their core classes, except they take a lot more maths… a culinary major had to take all their core classes aswell, except they take specialized classes after their core classes are completed, or while they are completing them, in cooking.

its called core for a reason. …my friend is going to a community college for culinary… so I know first hand what you hafta do.

also., make sure culinary is what you wanna do for the rest of your life…get a job as a food-prep, or a line cook in a restaurant first… its not all Emril Lagasse, BAM. its an exhausting job… very long hours… expect 50+hours per week, easy. the pay isnt that great either…unless your like in the 5% that get very lucky.

you really need to have a passion for the restaurant INDUSTRY to be a chef. …if you love cooking, your better off keeping it as a hobby. …if you love the restaurant INDUSTRY, then your calling in life is to be a chef.

I just dont want you to waste time and money on something unless your %110 sure you know what your’re getting into… my friend LOVES cooking, and shes very talented at it. BUT, after just one year in the program… she hates it. she got a job in a restaurant, and hates being on the line… it really is exhausting.

I just dont want you to end up in the same boat.

get a job in a restaurant first before you do anything… just to make sure.

best luck!

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