What if someone you barely know sent you a really expensive gift by mail?

Answer #1

Depends on the gift, what it was for and what the underlying implications of receiving it was. If you are getting a creepy feeling about it, send it back saying that you can’t accept it. Otherwise write back or phone or whatever, but thank the person politely for giving you such a nice gift.

Answer #2

Im not sure it was a neat concept gift… huge box, i have only opened part of it so far.. Its for my birthday and Christmas, she had to pay over 300bucks in shipping.. there is so much in it.. so far digital camera not just any digi its a Canon EOS with lenses batteries and SD cards, new clothing like 2 calvin klein sweaters so far… I could send it back would cost me just as much.. i dont know what to do.. so do I regift for her thats the trap im in.. I was going to send her something neat n cute but def not expensive..

Answer #3

That is fine if you send her that. Just to say thank you.

Answer #4

its borderline…creepy and id be very cautious.. keep them doors and windows locked!…

Answer #5

maybe send her something…. nothing too extrvangant!… just to say thank you… a card will even do!….

Answer #6

Yeah, I agree =)

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