What name should we baptise?

in what name we should baptise and what is the name we have to call to be saved. some baptise in the name of the father and son , holy spirit but some in the name of jesus and even all the disciples baptised in the name of jesus,

Answer #1

Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Answer #2

Faith without works is dead.

Answer #3

I believe in Catholicism, it is “ in the father, the son and of the holy spirit.”

Answer #4

jaro chase…you say: and really it is the pastor or the priest’s job. why do you care. haha. just sit back and relax while you get your one way ticket to heaven.

However, I disagree, the bible enlists us all in the army of the Lord. When we receive him as Savior, that is just the begining for us. We are to learn and grow, so that we can share with others the truth that we have found. This is a commandment.

None are exempt. There are no free rides. Salvation is free, but, everything else will cost you.

Time and effort.

I pray that you will move out of your complacency, and into the flow of what the Holy Spirit has for you.

God Bless…

Answer #5

no it doesnt. Jesus is the son. You have to always include the trinity. whenever something important happens and you want to impact the spiritual realm and the earthly realm you always name the trinity. however base on your dinomination. at many times they are different. like we charismatics baptise submerge fully in the water. while some do sprinkling or dipping. you know. so. GODHEAD THREE in one. FATHER SPIRIT SON! So, what do you think? and really it is the pastor or the priest’s job. why do you care. haha. just sit back and relax while you get your one way ticket to heaven.

Answer #6

In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. However, Baptism does NOT get us to heaven! It is an outward sign that you have accepted Jesus as your Savior and that you will follow Him for the rest of your life.

Our parents baptize us as infants, again, as an outward sign that they will train up a child in the way they should go. Again, Baptism DOES NOT SAVE, nor does the laying on of hands from someone else!

A simple prayer of confession that you are a sinner and want to be forgiven and acknowledge that Jesus died and rose again taking away all sin, to call Him Lord of your life is the way to eternity with Jesus who is God.

Look at the link shown to the right of these posts, “You can be born again” or at amblessed’s profile and read it all!

Blessings to you for finding truth!

Answer #7

if you know your english the name of the father, Of the son, and Of the Holy Ghost is Jesus. those are preposisional phrases which links all of those back to the subject of the sentence which is the Name…Jesus.

Answer #8

U should be baptised in the name of Jesus. he only had one name! anyways thats what the bible says and you know becuase you said that’s how the deciples did it.

Answer #9

go silverwings and amblessed. ya’ll got it together. there is no free ride to heaven amd I am glad that ya’ll understand that.

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