How old do you have to be to get a bank account, so you can get Google Adsense?

Answer #1

You can get a bank account at any age - I’ve had one since I was 10…however, you need to be 18 to get an AdSense, unless you have a parent willing to sign up for you.

Answer #2

:( My parents don’t have a bank account? What do I do? I want to make money creating how to’s… :(

Answer #3

im 16 & i have one.

Answer #4

Your parents don’t need a bank account (what adult doesn’t have a bank account, though?) - go set up your own bank account

Answer #5

But last time I tried to set up a Google Adsense account, It need information on my bank account. If I get my parents to make the account, what are they supposed to put in the bank information? My mom and dad don’t have bank accounts because they don’t have jobs…

Answer #6

You NEED a bank account number, if you dont have one then you cant sign up. So either you, or your parents have to go set up a bank account.

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