What if the bank account I listed and verified on my PayPal account is now closed?

I used to have a bank account, and then I signed up for PayPal.

I verified my bank account with PayPal and everything. Now, the bank account I had is closed, but it still shows up on my PayPal account as verified.

Can I still use my PayPal account without having a bank account? All I need to do is get money transferred into my PayPal account, and then request a check in the mail from my PayPal account. Would that require a bank account, or will I be okay? I don’t want to get money transferred into my PayPal account and not be able to get it out.

Thanks in advance! :-)

Answer #1

You will need to remove that account from your paypal and then add a new one.

Answer #2

I don’t have a new one. What do I do? Do I absolutely have to have a bank account to use PayPal.

Answer #3

No, you don’t - you can still get money in your PayPal account and withdraw it via a check, but there may be a limited amount you can request at one time.

Answer #4

Ah, thanks Colleen. Phew!

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