bad traffic stop?

I was recently pulled over by a town patrolman. when I asked what the violation was, he responded “I’m doing commercial vehicle enforcement tonight.” I asked again and he asked “what is the gross weight of the vehicle?” I answered him and he asked if I had road flares on board, wheel chock blocks and reflective triangles. I didnt have them (apparently required in mass for vehicle my weight. stupid democrats) he then wrote a ticket which also included no owner lettering. now according to ma law, he was right ,but he didnt stop me for that. he never really told me of the original violation that he pulled me over for. so iguess my question is “can a patrol officer in ma do commercial vehicle enforcement on a random civilian with no violation prompting the stop?” I always thought that the only authority that could do that is a DOT officer or an officer from either the RMV or the state police Truck Team. Sure, he could have seen there was no lettering on the truck, but he never said anything about that until after he ran my plates and came back to the truck. Another question I guess was the officer going outside of HIS rights by pulling me over with no violation and were my rights infringed upon? I’m going to pay the ticket after all he WAS right about the laws or should I fight it?

Answer #1

As previously stated, doesn’t cost any more to take it to court and the statement about the officer not showing up. That’s everywhere, because you have the right to confront your accuser. And if he doesn’t show up, the case will be postponed, or probably dismissed.

The other option is to hire a lawyer. Most states have a cheap law firm that will go to court with you. They will usually guarantee no points on your license, and often will get the fine reduced. Their fee and the fine will usually be less than the original fine. In Florida it seemed to be collusion between the law firm and the traffic judge to keep the firm in business.

You can also plead it yourself and not deny what happened but see if the judge will lower the fine due to your personal circumstances. If you keep your cool and plead your case that the fine will put you in a financial bind etc, the judge will usually lower the fine. In any case take it to court.

Answer #2

If you fight it, in many places if the cop doesn’t turn up you win.

But not everywhere so double check.

In many places they just pull you over for no reason. They can say you were suspiscious or whatever but who is the judge going to side with? You or law enforcement officers?

Answer #3

dont know bout in MA but in Iowa it doesnt cost any more to fight it then it does to pay it so I would say as the DOT office and fight it what will it

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