do you think it is bad to smoke weed?

Answer #1

Only because it’s illegal. Other than that, no worse than smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol…. My opinion, if anything I think it’s better than the other two.

Answer #2

i think it is, bad physically, mentally, emotionally, u name it :P

Answer #3

Yes! it f*cks you up big time!

Answer #4

Well, it alters your brain….and you inhale smoke…so yeah, it’s probably not so healthy to do it.

Answer #5

My answer is Yes and No…..I’m viewing this as a safety issue…If someone smokes weeds and gets behind a vehicle or operate machineries, they not only put themselves in danger but other innocent strangers or work colleagues, so the answer is YES……… On the other hand, if someone is absence from work for 1 or 2 months and wants to relax and lounge around in a resort or at home, then why not.. If they enjoy smoking it, why not, they are not going to injury anyone but themselves……so my answer is NO…Moderation is the key. :)

Answer #6

yes. I dont think its a good idea to alter the chemical composition of your brain for “recreation,” especialy when we know so little about how the brain works to start with.

Answer #7

There always a yes and no aspect to this. I mean its bad mentally alright,i mean do for long enough and althogh you may not notice,your friends will on how “less intelliegnt” ya are (not best way to put it). You also get really paranoid and all sort. But if only smoken it every now and then,although the effects are still,aint too bad. Ya get a good buzz each time lol! But like the one above me said,in moderation. Ya aint doing no-one any harm:)

Answer #8

I completely agree.

Answer #9

It messes up your lungs and your brain, just like cigarettes. I personaly hate smoking and find the habit disgusting. Therefore I find it REALLY bad.

Answer #10

Smoking is bad-Weed is not. there are alot more ways to get high. example, weed tea, weed spagettie sauce, hash brownies the list goes on. Ive been smoking canabis for 9 years now. im in a high paying job, got my own office, responsible for running an entire information sevice. i manage to make it into work every day, on time and do a fantastic job. Weed is only dangerous if you misuse, same as alcohol(which i dont drink). self control is key.

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