Is it safe to smoke weed with a concussion?

Please don't tell me that smoking weed is bad, because I've heard it all. I got into a car accident tonight. It wasn't bad, but I hit my head on the dashboard and my head hurts like heckkk (and I've never had a headache before... so it sucks). I haven't been to the hospital yet, so I don't know if I have a concussion or not, but I do know I can't take aspirin or anything just in case. I'm also really freaking out right now because it was the scariest thing that happened to me. So, with a possible concussion, is it okay to smoke weed or will it make me worse?

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I just got a cunncusion and stiches on my head real bad one smoked a blunt rite after and was fine just was ripped as shit.

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Under no circumstances should you sleep, or smoke any weed.

If you have a concussion it could do severe damage. Another thing is, if they test you for anything there is the possibility of tracing the marijuana in your system and you don't want that.

You should definitely go to the hospital to get yourself checked out.

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Whatever you do,don't go to sleep, which is hat bud will help you end up doing cause you could fall into a comma, a deep long one. That would suck!

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You need to go to the hospital and get checked out...concussions can cause something serious in the brain and you really don't want to go to sleep until you've been checked...go and get checked just in case.

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You should get checked out at the hospital before you smoke, or they'll think weed had something to do with it.

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