is it bad if i skip my period every 2 months?

and is it bad if i dnt get cramps BUT get them after my period somtimes?

Answer #1

That happens to me all the time. I got mine yesterday for the first time in 2 months as well. I get really bad cramps DURING my mine, but idk about getting them after. If anything, that’s better because you don’t have to deal with the blood and junk. All in all, I’d say your fine. My mom told me that that is completely normal. And if you ask me, I’d say we’re slightly lucky… :]

Answer #2

It not neccessary nad but it is sorta unsual that yuh skip periods every two months itz ok sometimes to skip a month bcuz i do wen i’m really stressed out but not two in row, maybe consult your doctor about that. And no itz not un normal to get cramps after periods cramp came either before or after your peroids

Answer #3

yea i just got mine like 2 yrs ago=(..i shuld go..thanx

Answer #4

ok thanx!

Answer #5

no prob hun

Answer #6

Since you’re only about 13 years old, your periods definitely will fluctuate a lot while you go through puberty. I wouldn’t worry too much, but if you’d like to make sure or want your mind set at ease, you could always have a visit to your doctor’s office.

Answer #7

relly?..every1s saying that…i dnt like the docter cuz last time i went it felt relly uncomfortable..but i guess i shuld..=\

Answer #8

Its Normal

Answer #9

It may feel a little uncomfortable for you to discuss, but you have to keep in mind that doctors are completely used to this kind of thing. They’re there to help you, nothing else. ^^

Answer #10

its definitely normal. for a while i was only getting it like once every three months and i do get cramps after some times

Answer #11

omg thanx!..i thought i was the only 1!

Answer #12

If that’s your normal cycle, then it’s ok….

Answer #13

check if you are over weight for poly-cystic. as this is very common is some over weight people in skipping periods

Answer #14

That happens to me too.

Answer #15

ok that made feel alot better!

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