Bad Skin - Tips to Cure It

My skin is bad at the moment - not so much acne but more like little tiny scabs that I scratch. I drink lots of water and have a pretty healthy, well balanced diet. What can I do - are there any vitamins, food, skin cream that people could recommend?

Answer #1

yeah go to a dermatologist. that was a great idea. but you should really think about going to get some facial wash and maybe some type of medication for that issue. that may help the problem

Answer #2

sdfglklfdmklgm That’s so not true. Even before there were skin creams/treatments people still had acne and other skin problems.

If your really interested in fixing your skin, talk to a dermatologist also, they can help with the scarring and things.

Answer #3

Seriously I know the commercials are cheesy but you should try Proactive, it’s amazing.

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