What bad things happen on the online world?

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Cyber-bulling, young kids talking to people that they don’t know in the real world, than they go to meet up with them. Cyber-bulling have actually made victims commit (somehow FunAdvice will not allow to post this word, even tho i’m not saying anything bad) and young kids meeting people they don’t know, those people usually kidnap them, do horrible things to them, then most likely kill them. I find it funny people think the online world is safe, it’s just as bad as the real world.

Answer #3

Identity Theft - where some one gets your personal information and using your credit to buy stuff, empties your bank account etc.

Answer #4

90% of ppl are fake arseholes that like to bully and just be a god forsaken idiot..

then theres the nice ppl that will say what they think and dont mean to hurt ppl but sometimes do unintentionally.

then theres the ppl that have no defence mechanism and its these ppl that get bullied.

a couple cooked an endangered lizard on fb and ate it. theres also been groups for paedophiles on the same site.

you just need to choose carefully where you go and what you do and you never, never and i mean never meet up with any one even in a puplic place, ever!

even if they say they know you or they know your family members dont go and dont question anything just block/delete.

watch teh vid… its quite disturbing as it does happen.

Answer #5

Newfags, trolls and reposts -_-

Answer #6

Identity theft, ‘get rich quick’ scams, cyber bullying, predators luring young people in so that they can abduct them or even worse, hackers stealing accounts (email, etc).. There’s far too much to pick from.

Answer #7

Once you put something on the internet, it stays there forever.. Say you were to put something personal on the internet, and people found out, rarely can you go back and delete it. So basically, nothing is ever really personal.

Answer #8

nice video.. more people should be aware of situations like this… it makes me sad when i hear that people fall for stuff like this…. and its up to parents to set up restrictions on sites and programs that can lead to this…. the parents should explain that the clichés “Don’t talk to strangers” and “Stranger Danger” ALSO apply to the internet

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u meet crazy ppl u would never meet in ur real life.

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